Breathing Life into the Bushland

In September 2017 the Friends of the ABGS were successful in obtaining a grant for $29092 as part of DELWP’s Biodiversity On-ground Action Program. The project "Breathing Life into the Bushland" at the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton will conserve significant remnant vegetation in a unique setting and increase community appreciation of our bush.

This is a really exciting project to be involved with. It will focus on the bushland areas including the Forest Walk, River Walk and the Billabong that covers approx. 9 hectares of the Gardens and contains diverse natural vegetation, much of it is of high quality and many species that are now uncommon in our region.

The first stage of the project was to commission Sally Mann to prepare a vegetation survey to identify the species present, the areas of high value and the threats to conservation of the vegetation. The results of the survey will form the basis of a weed eradication and management strategy; that will be followed by a revegetation program to conserve the high-value vegetation and enhance the less diverse areas.

The project to be completed by March 2020 will see volunteers building the skills needed to manage the site. We have started a weekly ‘Weed Warriors’ group on Tuesday mornings. It is a wonderful way to spend a few hours in the bush tackling the weeds and finding hidden native plants. As we work away under Sally’s guidance, these mornings are building our skills and knowledge of native vegetation in a very relaxed and enjoyable manner and are helping to form our management strategies.

If you are not familiar with our local bush, it is the perfect opportunity to come along and learn the art of ‘looking little’, once you know what you are looking for there is an abundance of native plants, herbs and flowers just waiting to be discovered.

As our focus shifts from weeds to revegetation, we will start collecting seed and planting. This will be a really exciting phase of the project to be involved in.

Regular posts of our progress and discoveries will be on our Facebook page, so please follow us, or better still join us.

Weed Warriors

Weed Warriors is an easy morning and all about enjoying the bush. You don’t need any skills, we discuss the ‘why, what & how’s’ before we set off. Plus we have jobs for all abilities. While we work there will be plenty of discussion on weeds, native plants and any discovery we make. There is no time limit, stay as long as you like we just ask you to be Sunsmart, wear long trousers, sturdy footwear, gloves and bring water to stay hydrated.
Weed Warriors September 2018
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