Young Botanical Explorers

The Friends of the Australian Botanic Gardens Shepparton embraces the sharing this beautiful site to educate children in conservation, plant and animal life of the Gardens. The Young Botanical Explorers is a great initiative promoting 'nature play' by providing visiting groups with equipment to enhance young children's experience in nature. Simple, rubber backed mats define a space for an 'outdoor' classroom and with binoculars and magnifying glasses, the children will be able to explore the Gardens in greater detail.

Picture students armed with binoculars, magnifying glasses discovering rare indigenous flower species, spotting some of the 130 species recorded at the Botanic Gardens and recording their findings on the clipboards, followed with a play in the evolving Children’s Nature Playspace located in the northen end of the gardens.

Bookings for borrowing this wonderful resource is essential and the Friends are excited about welcoming more ‘Young Botanical Explorers’ to our Gardens.

Young Botanical Explorer with magnifying glass

Each Kit Contains:
5 x Binoculars
5 x Magnifying Glasses
1 x Rubber-backed Blanket
5 x Clipboards
Specimen Bags
Colouring Sheets and Pencils

Activity  Sheets to Download

What I Discovered at the Gardens

Map of the Gardens

Colouring Sheets to Download

Fairy Wren and Emu Bush

Silver Eye and Kangaroo Paw

Squirrel Gilder and Golden Wattle

For more information on the Young Botanical Explorers Program or to book a kit, please contact:
Jill 0419 594 397

We acknowledge CVGT Australia for their financial support of the Young Botanical Explorers.